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Namie Amuro's Feel


So Random J finally posted his review about Namie Amuro's new album. I've been waiting for this because he's been dropping hints about how much he's liking it on twitter. He makes a lot of good points and I think it's worth the read.

Some of my personal thoughts:
- I get Hollywood Records feels from the second half the album. These tracks are easily songs that can be set up for Aly & AJ or Selena Gomez. It's not a bad thing, but in my mind La La La, Supernatural Love and Stardust In My Eyes are constant reminders of Selena Gomez, Aly & AJ, and Katy Perry (not Hollywood Records) respectively. So much so, that some times my brain tries to make a connection of exactly which song these songs sound like.

- I like Big Boys Cry and have since day one of seeing the commercial, yes, Hands On Me feels like a more polished version of what is trying to happen but it's one of the songs that's simply catchy. Plus this song, along with Poison, reminds me the most of Past<Future.

- I also like Can You Feel This Love. It's one of those songs that I would say represents what I like about Jpop and r&b in Japan. It's just one of those simple songs that doesn't ask for much. It's probably not the best example, but it feels like a standard and really comfortable song.

- I hate Rainbow.

- I like Feel more than Uncontrolled. While not as cohesive a listening experience, it has stronger songs individually. It's easier to pick out songs for playlists (which we know I love to make) and not have the song lose a little of it's luster.

- I don't listen to Poison a lot, but I just know that a year from now I'm going to put this album on and it's going to be like Bad Habit on Past<Future. I'm going to be obsessed.

- Favorite tracks: La La La, Contrail, Can You Feel This Love, Hands on Me, Alive, Boy Don't Cry and Supernatural Love.