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Trick or Treat!?

Doing this...cause I already have a trick to do~
  1. Create a graphic (200 x 200 max size) to represent your personal "candy". It should have your username on it, but otherwise can feature whatever you want. Make it something special since it's self-representative.
  2. Make a post with the subject "trick or treat?". Put your "candy" somewhere in it, and be sure to repost these instructions.
  3. Then, go around other people's LJs and reply to them with either "trick" or "treat." If you reply with "trick," they will give you an LJ/DW/Twitter/tumblr dare that you have to perform before taking their candy. If you're too wimpy for that, simply say "treat" and take their candy. 
  4.  List all your collected candies in your original "trick or treat?" post to show off your collection.

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Screen Shot 2012-09-17 at 8.52.51 AM
(You should see his full blown smile...I can't it's so cute!)

So this weekend, I plowed my way through Vampire Prosecutor on Dramafever because something told me I should be watching Vampire Prosecutor 2 which they've just added. It was probably Yun Joong Hoon's face because that man is freaking amazing. I definitely think watching Can Love Become Money earlier this year put him on my radar and now I'm madly in love. Vampire Prosecutor is a bit of a cunudrum for me. I love crime procedurals, but I hate vampires! But while vampire is in the name, the show doesn't makes our prosecutor some kind of stalker of the night feasting on the sexual prey of young women. He also isn't some kind of anti-vampire burdened by the religious damnation of his immortality. He's a guy and it so happens there's blood in his wine glass instead of merlot. I like that. 

This drama has a real Jdrama feel though. Not only is it only 12 episodes long with season 2 not being much longer, it's also very focused. The one thing about Kdramas and you'll see this regardless of genre is that there will be multiple story arcs throughout focusing on different charcters and all running at the same time. I like this, but if Kdramas are like a pointalist painting with each distinct dot blurring into a full piece, Jdramas are a minimalist painting taking a genre and bringing it down to it's core. Vampire Prosecutor is about the crimes and the overarcing vampire story. The show will use its crime of the week to further character development (like episode 9 when Jung In goes up against her crime boss father), but we don't go home with our characters. I do like the mini romance between Tae Yeon and Jung In, but like a Jdrama they leave it very open to interpretation. Just enough for the romance addicts like myself, but easy enough to ignore if you're not into that sort of thing.

Vampire Prosecutor 2 is turning out to be more of the same, so I'm happy to be adding it to my weekly schedule. Which is already packed with 6 other dramas. (Woops! How did that happen?! LOL Not surprised!)


Just let me talk about Faith for a moment.


Just finished watching episode 10 of Faith and this show is the only reason I look forward to the middle of the week. I wouldn't say it was crazy innovative, solid or beautiful, but Faith has a cast that can act like there is no tomorrow. Every episode is filled with little moments between the characters, that I can't help but be drawn in emotionally.

One of my favorite relationships is Choi Young and his Aunt and it's mostly because both actors mesh so well when they're in scenes together. Kim Mi Kyung is a character actress I've been keeping my eye on a lot (she's in What's Up and Baby Faced Beauty) and love when she shows up in dramas with her distinctly loving, but no nonsense school marm personality. But there is also Eun Soo and Dr. Jang. I was afraid they would go the love triangle route with him, but so far Dr. Jang has been more of a mentor and big brother that Eun Soo can complain to when Choi Young won't listen. 

The verdict is still out on Eun Soo and Choi Young. I love what I see from them seperately, but together they're hit or miss. If Faith were a romantic comedy it would fall flat with me, but the bittersweet tone of their scenes lately has been way better than some of their earlier "funny" stuff.


[This Week in Dramas] Who have I become?!

In some kind of weird twist of fate, I've become one of the Wormwoods who eats dinner and watches TV, more specifically I eat dinner and watch an episode of one of my currently airing dramas...every night, except Wednesdays cause I work late on Wednesdays. Most of the time people ask how do I even watch 7 dramas at once and I tell them it's pretty easy when the dramas are spread out throughout the week and I'm left with two hours of entertainment a day (currently 1 hour, so sad). And it's not like I'm recapping these things either a la Dramabeans.

Tonight I'm watching Big which seems to be summer season's drama that's getting a lot of the buzz (besides Gentlemen's Dignity). The Hong Sisters aren't a selling point for me when it comes to what kind of kdrama I'll watch. Big is ok, but not as funny and interesting as last year's Best Love. I'm not invested the way I am with I Do I Do (I'll talk about that one later this week) but I am entertained. Gong Yoo is a great actor and fits in perfectly with the Hong Sister style of Man-child male leads. I expect things to get more interesting now that more people are in on the secret and even more people are getting closer to the conclusion that things aren't all right.

Kagi no Kakatta Heya also ends this week and I don't know how I can let go. Seriously I love when I get hooked on a Jdrama, That feeling is so rare now (not because they're bad, but because I've picked up very few this year). KagiHeya has been a good ride where the mystery wasn't in who did it (seriously you knew who the bad guy was almost every episode) but in the locked room (the how is always more important for me than the who when it comes to Mysteries). Which is as it should be. I've also loved the Aoto/Enomoto storage room scenes. I'm sure far off into the future (created by my brain) he'll get the courage to ask her out. ♥
I had a hard time choosing whom I would do next for my actor profile. Mostly because it was team man flesh’s turn to go and I didn’t which one of male biases deserved it. So it kind of turned into this mental coin toss and here we are.


When I say I have a mouth fetish it’s really hard describe what I mean by that until you watch Narimiya in something with me in the room. I can’t tell you anything about what happened in the plot, but I sure as hell can tell you what was going on with Narimiya’s face and how that made me feel. Known for playing gangsters, psychos, and pimps; Narimiya is turning into that go to bad guy who turns out to have a big heart, a brilliant mind, or something completely opposite to his rough exterior. Narimiya pulls off this balance giving his character just enough to make you really feel something for him without being overwhelmingly biased towards him. Which is really difficult and requires not only great writing, but great facial expressions as well, and that is his biggest asset as an actor. So here are some of my favorite characters:

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So what's you're favorite Hiroki Narimiya character and more importantly do you find his mouth just as attractive as I do?!?!?!
I've been wanting to focus on some of my favorite actors and actresses in dramas. I realized after while that I couldn't make a list because I can never remember everyone in one sitting and would want to constantly make a new list to add people, so I have an on going list that I'll pull people from and do these profiles on. I'll try to alternate between male and female, but some times I'll be compelled by watching them in something (like tonight) and just write. Let's have fun with these!

Erika Toda is one of those actresses I won’t ever readily recognize. With a long filmography to her name she’s been in some things that I don’t even remember seeing her in (Hana Yori Dango? How’d I miss that? I’ve watched drama way more than once!). This isn’t because Erika is forgettable, far from it; it’s more like her characters are so wide ranging that she jumps from one personality to next with little to help realize it’s her except her bunny teeth. In an industry and culture where it’s easy to get type cast and become comfortable with it (I won’t name any names), Erika keeps things interesting for herself. Lately she’s been unafraid of playing sullen, messy, plain characters that are refreshing in country that always expects you to look your best especially if you’re a power play maker female lead. If there is one thing consistent (barely) about this girl it’s that she tends to favor crime dramas and thrillers. So let’s move into some of my favorite Erika Toda characters.

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What are some of your favorite Erika Toda characters? If you don’t like her why? Do you even like post like this?

[Quick Review] What's Up!

I don’t think I’ve ever watched a drama and felt emotional satisfied. I’ve watched a drama and felt happy, overjoyed, dejected, jibbed, and a mired of other emotions; but never have I felt like I’ve just ridden the best emotional roller coaster ever with dips and sways that you see coming and done with such finesse that it pushes you overboard to a feeling you can’t quite describe. I wish this drama had gotten more exposure. Placed on a new cable channel it didn’t get the audience it kind of deserved. While the story had it’s weaknesses: not tying up the loose ends tight enough and too much focus on Tae Yi for what was supposed to be an ensemble cast; the uneven storytelling is outshined by on point acting and production. And this is especially true when it came to the music of the show. The appropriation of Seasons of Love (from Rent) during the last couple of scenes with the professor and Doo Ri and the use of Dubstep when Jae Hun discovers who Tae Yi’s father is made the audience truly understand the emotion of those scenes. LOVED IT. Really, What’s Up! is the drama I wanted The Musical to be and the drama Heartstrings tried to be before it reverted to being entirely cute and fluffy.

This drama also introduced me to Im Joo Eun (Doo Ri) who is also playing the hilariously funny Dong Ah in Wild Romance. She’s one of my new favorite actresses for her hilarious comedic timing and choice of slightly oddball characters. I hope to see more of her.

[TWID] 2011 in Review Drama Meme

I thought about just writing about my favorite dramas of this year, but I'm feeling kind of lazy and too incoherent to really express all that I love about these dramas so I decided to do this quick meme. I picked my favorite dramas from this year three from Korea and three from Japan. I don't really have a favorite Taiwanese drama since the only ones I watched were Love Buffet and Drunken to Love You. Both of which were good dramas but didn't leave much of an impression and then there was Love Keeps Going which I can't really criticize because the drama was clearly dropped and ended early.

1.     Dream High: I watched it twice this year...and both times it was good.
2.     Don Quixote: Probably the funniest drama I watched this year. 
3.     City Hunter: The first drama I've watched were I thought it could be released in the US.
4.     The Greatest Love: Awesome Writing about an older couple that didn't feel super heavy. Refreshing when it comes to contemporary dramas in Kr.
5.     Ouran High School Host Club: Lives up to everything I love about the anime and manga. Can't wait for the movie!
6.     Zenkai Girl: Reminded me of why I got into dramas two years ago. Heartwarming, a bit of drama, and characters you could love.
 01. Who is your favorite character from #6?
Wakaba, while she was cold and difficult, I really just enjoyed her journey to “feelings”. Normally it’s the guy who’s cold and unfeeling, but in this drama we got to see it from a girl’s perspective. She may be my favorite “robot” character for 2011.  

02. Who is your least favorite character from #4?
Pil Joo’s mother was so annoying, but it wasn’t like it was difficult to watch her. Most of the characters in this drama were pretty enjoyable.

03. What would a crossover between #1 and #5 include?
OMG…Dream High Host Club, The boys of Ouran would try to teach the boys of Kirin how to say all the right things to the ladies. Sam Dong would learn all kinds of useless information to try on Hye Mi from Tamaki.

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14. (I added this one) Honorable Mentions:
Protect the Boss: If it hadn't been for the end this would have been a perfect summer drama.
Flower Boy Ramen Shop: Even though it's not finished, this is definitely a rewatcher.
Runaway: While I'm only a few episodes in the consistancy of this drama made me feel good and it was another reminder of how good Japanese dramas can be,

15. (Another I added) Disappointments: 
Lie to Me: Lazy writing that depended on star power and production. You could tell they were grasping for stars towards the middle by mimicking the competition The Greatest Love.
The Musical: While solid, the pacing was slow and wasn't helped by the fact that they're showing only one episode a week. It's hard to get into a musical drama that only has a couple of songs...and they're annoying.
Kaito Royale: More disappointed that no one was subbing this. 


TWID: More watching, Less writing.

I realize it's been ages since I talked about dramas. I'm watching so many I don't really have time to write about them or if I do write about them it's in the comments of someone else's post or on my twitter. So yeah here we go a quick run down of my thoughts on dramas I've finished lately and ones I'm currently watching.

Hong Gil Dong (6 out of 10): I was warned this drama was going to be cheesy and ryoflame wasn't wrong. The drama started out shaky got really good and interesting, but then fizzled out and went back to be just cheesy. The last couple of episodes didn't have the same emotional pay off I had been getting the last couple of episodes. It wasn't an awful drama, but average.

Baby Faced Beauty (8 out of 10): Cute, simple, and probably the drama I should have been watching instead of Lie to Me. It started out slow with everyone getting their punches in on the female lead but once that was over I really enjoyed this one. Daniel Choi went from annoying to super cute like a hyper active puppy. My only complaint was the constant use of the Project Runway type competitions between the design teams. After the third competition it got really boring and I would have liked something that would have shook things up like the teams having to work together. Honestly that was the one thing that really bored me about this drama.

Baker King Kim Tak Gou (6 out of 10): I love a good long overly dramatic drama...sometimes. Unfortunately this wasn't one of those times. I had to force myself to finish Baker King. I just didn't care after a while, but the ending was more satisfying than the whole drama.

Love Keeps Going (5.5 out of 10): I think this drama got dropped at some point because that would be the only excuse I could think of for the general laziness of this drama after the 5th episode. Everything moved too quickly and it felt like it was trying to put 20 episodes of drama into 13. It moved slowly during parts I didn't care about and focused too much on Xuan Xuan and Yi Feng, but then didn't focus at all on Yi Lei and Mei Le ( the main couple) when their struggle came up. There was one scene in the last episode that was really emotionally moving but didn't get deeply explored because the next scene was the final one and that was ambiguous as hell. I could just imagine what this drama would have been like if anyone had cared. At least Mei Le wouldn't have worn the same clothes three days in a row.

Butler Sho's Dinner and a Mystery (ep 3): I'm starting to really like this drama as more than just something really pretty to look at. At first it really dragged for me but the most recent episode moved quickly and was interesting. I hope it only goes up from here. Also I'm really interested to see if the crew and stylist will keep up the trend of having Keiko wear pink which makes her pop against the white and green of the dinning room windows behind her and matches the cover of the manga.

Kaito Royale (ep 1): FIGHTING CHANSUNG IS HOT! Outside of that, this is one of those dramas I'm surprised no one is subbing. It has a lot going for it. And while I'm sad it's not being subbed, I'm grateful the drama is easy to keep up with and I understand generally what is going on. Skilled is funny and he's my favorite. Intelligent reminds me of Yoko in Yukan club...if he was playing him I'd probably get some freakin subs!

Runaway (ep1): Ok...I really don't get fandom. maybe it's the time of year and some time next year someone will finally get around to subbing this, but again yeah. at least theres a summary. 

Flower Boys Ramen Shop (ep 2): Am I allowed to give away the plot if promotions didn't do it, because the twist at the end of ep 1 was awesome and now I'm really interested. I don't know how I feel about the relationship and I hope there is some sort of time jump, but I think I'm really going to enjoy this even if I don't get gratuitous amounts of shots of ramen like I was hoping.

The Musical (ep9): I seriously forget I'm watching this drama sometimes. And the female lead is about as lovable as she was in Boys over Flowers...hardly. I'll be glad when I'm finished with this one.

Hunter (ep2): This is a good drama. I'm glad it's being subbed. The detective Gando-san reminds me of my mystery romance novel heros. The dirty unshaven detective with a past. But then he does stuff like sing Linda Linda at the karaoke bar. But I like that this drama is all about the ladies even if they're taking down murderers with ~feelings~.

Yeap that's a lot...now I'm going to go watch more dramas! ^_^

TWID: Protect the Boss

I just finished the 4th episode of Protect the Boss, and I’m not disappointed. It has this quirky kind of sass that I hope stays with the drama at least into the 10th episode (if not longer). While the characters seem obviously formulaic, they’re still fun to watch. I love when I’m in the drama not just for the story and actors but the characters for the most part. Here’s a run down of our four leads and how I want them to play out.

No Eun Seol:
The main character, I love her kick butt attitude, but I also enjoy the fact that she doesn’t try and fight her way out of everything. It’s nice that she has a hard time holding her anger in. She’s pretty much your standard Asian drama spunky manic pixie (the drama version of the manic pixie dream girl) who does everything she can to help the main male lead while falling in love with both men until she’s forced to choose one. My hope for her is that she doesn’t go the way of her predecessors. That she doesn’t become Miss Mopey Mop (Boys Over Flowers) or lacks in her own personal growth like in Secret Garden. While I feel the drama will be mostly about Cha Ji Heon’s struggles of dealing with the company take over and his brother’s death, I hope she gets to be a protagonist in every sense of the word.

Which leads me to…

I hope this drama stays excellent.Collapse )

Am I recommending this? Well if you like quirky, or you just happen to be a fan of cute behavior, you might like this one. Honestly the parents are the ones driving the actually drama and conflict at this point, making ultimatums and deals and generally leave our quadrangle to react in different ways. I'm not opposed to it, but I hope it changes as the drama goes on or this is going to just be Goong in a business suit.