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I love Lee Yoo Ri. I love when her face does that angry twitch thing and she has the best "bitch please" face in all of Korea. Ice Adonis (or Yellow Boots) is my third Lee Yoo Ri drama and my second drama over 100 episodes. Since I'm watching it on Dramafever I probably won't be finished until this spring even though the drama has already completed it's full run.

Ice Adonis is about two stepsisters. Yeon Hwa, generally gets along with anyone she meets. She has everything going for her until she's framed for the murder of her fiancé's sister. Yoo Ra is spoiled. She hate Yeon Hwa's easy manner and becomes determined to bring Yeon Hwa down when she learns that she's engaged to the man she's been in love with since she was young.

Having just finished the 59th episode I feel like I'm at a good stopping point to talk about the drama here. I'm finally starting to get some payback for the suffering I've had to watch Yoo Ri's character Yeon Hwa go through. We've finally reached the revenge portion of this drama and I couldn't be happier. It's tough watching a character get kicked around for 50 something hours with very little good news. The tables have finally started to turn and a lot of the characters who have enjoyed the upper hand are going to get the squeeze (albeit slowly, I mean, we're only at the 60th episode naturally).

Watching longer dramas are weird for me. They go against the main reason I started dramas (they're too long) but speak to my inner soap opera nerd who's used to slow methodical build up before the storm of crazy. I also like that on some level these longer dramas and Lee Yoo Ri's dramas in particular are all about the ladies. There are tons of grandmothers, aunts, mothers, sisters, friends, and girlfriends running around mechanizing but you'll see only a few key male characters and while there, they tend to be lackluster pawns, accessories, and motivations for the women involved.

i'm enjoying Ice Adonis a lot, but can I recommend it? At this point, not really. It's not as strong as All That Glitters from 2011 which is still one of the best dramas I've ever watched. Also the show requires an incredible amount of patience to deal with some of the stuff that goes on in this drama.

Some key (my favorite) characters of Ice Adonis:
  • Yeon Hwa: Our female lead, she said she wouldn't be bullied anymore in ep 30, but she's finally taking those words to heart and fighting back.
  • Yoo Ra: Our female antagonist, she has it coming...for real. She blames everything on her father not showing her enough love and then blames everything on Yeon Hwa for making her such an unlikable person.
  • Soo Ae: Yeon Hwa's sister. Everyone, but Yeon Hwa underestimates her since she's autistic. She's the only character, though, who see everyone's true personality since they think they can talk any way they want to her.
  • Lady Jang: Yoo Ra's mother in law, and Kang Wook's mother. She has it coming (and based on this last episode Boy! Does she have it coming), but for now she's the most well informed character on the show and she's the only one Yoo Ra can't touch so I like her constant cutting remarks for my sake as the audience.
  • Tae Il: He's the wild card and the only male character I really like on the show because he's unpredictable. He was Yoon Hee's fiancé and hates her brother Yoon Jae for what he did that night. I'm unsure of how he feels about Yeon Hwa simply because his actions have been too back and forth.

The only character I really hate is Yoon Jae. I know he's only working with half the information, but he's too brazen and rushes in to everything. He constantly makes lines in the sand then walks all over those lines in subsequent episodes. He's foiled by his stepbrother Kang Wook (I pretty neutral on him) who works slowly and finds all the information before acting. He listens to everyone, and doesn't openly approach anyone, but it's his hesitation in the beginning that leads to extra work later.