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It's been a while since I've done one of these, but since I'm just chilling and enjoying my evening with a couple of Episodes of Coffee Prince, I thought I would write one for one of the actresses on my list. Yoon Eun Hye.


We all know that for these profiles I'm usually spouting my opinion, but I feel like there should be a high level of warning when I start to talk about Yoon Eun Hye. I love her, and I don't say this with a kind of blind faith of a fan, but more as someone who's watched way too much television in her life. Yoon Eun Hye, just fits my tastes like a glove. Her characters tend to be bold but carry their hearts on their sleeves. They're like armor with a glaring defect. That's nothing to say of Eun Hye as an actor. She's one of the best "cryers" I've seen in Korean dramas and her sex appeal is such that it spills over onto any man she's working with.  Eun Hye of course doesn't have the perfect track record my gushing would lead you to believe. While she can take care of herself and heat up a romance, she rarely can save a drama that's floundering in other areas (See: Lie to Me). Currently she's in I Miss You where you can see a lot of her strengths. She cries almost every episode and many of her scenes with her male co stars are some of the only ones worth watching minus the ahjumma supporting cast.

Goong - Shin Chae Kyung 
Goong was apart of that teenagers in contract marriages trend that seemed to be popular during the mid 2000's. These stories were really coming of age stories wrapped in romance and melodrama. Goong was a breakout hit for the royalty factor (a long with the costumes and sets). It was so fusion that anyone could watch it. I have to admit Chae Kyung was not one of my favorite characters in hindsight. I felt that she lost her spark about half way through the drama leaving behind a girl who would cry over every obstacle and just allow things to happen to her.  While she redeems herself in the end, Chae Kyung never really wins me over. That said, this is one of those dramas were you really get to see Eun Hye Yoon the cryer. 

1st Shop Coffee Prince - Go Eun Chan 
Eun Chan is one of my favorite female characters in my favorite Kdrama, Coffee Prince. Here you have a person doing what she can to help her family and a misunderstanding snowballs until it becomes a real problem. I love the chemistry that flows through this drama. Even in her boyish appearance and behavior Eun Hye shows a stunning amount of sex appeal. Showing that you don't have to dress sexy to be sexy. Her scenes with Lee Sun Gyun and Gong Yoo are spectacular and hit all the right emotional notes for me.

The Vineyard Man - Lee Ji Hyun
The Vineyard Man is another great drama starring Eun Hye. Here she plays the spoiled and stuck up Ji Hyun who's more interested in being a fashion designer than living with her grandfather and working the grape vineyard she's supposed to inherit. A typical romantic kdrama, The Vineyard Man is just great because it hits the pacing just right and is perfect for weekend marathoning. It's one of those dramas that's digested easily because it was written well. I will admit that I didn't find Oh Man Suk particularly attractive until I saw him opposite Yoon Eun Hye in this drama. It's this drama that solidified her sex appeal to me.